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Jan Luckmann

Finance, Accounting and Audit

Main focus areas: International financial controlling and reporting, international consolidation and consolidated financial statements, international standard accounting practises.

Jan Luckmann has a degree in business management from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and holds a Master of Advanced Studies FH from AKAD Zurich. He has many years of experience in German group accounting standards in accordance with the German Commercial Code, Swiss law under the Swiss Code of Obligations and Swiss GAAP FER accounting recommendations, as well as international reporting pursuant to IFRS. After completing his degree, Jan Luckmann worked for KPMG and other tax consultants and auditors in Germany in the area of group audits. In 2005, he was awarded the International Management Accountant certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Frankfurt am Main. In 2006, he specialised in international accounting under the US GAAP and IAS and moved over to the Swiss International Advisory Group, where he serves international clients.

Languages: German, English