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Armin Hausmann

Executive Director
Head Finance, Accounting and Audit

Main focus areas: National and international tax law, financial controlling and reporting, international standard accounting practices, structuring and preparation of consolidated financial statements.

Armin Hausmann is a Swiss Certified Accountant and an accredited audit expert. He gained his experience in financial reporting and in the application of international standard accounting practices by working in the industry and for international financial service providers. Before joining the Swiss International Advisory Group, he served as Head Financial Reporting & Accounting of the Swiss Division Vaccines and Diagnostics and as Director Group Financial Reporting & Accounting at Novartis, where he was involved in the consolidation and preparation of the group's financial quarterly and annual reporting. In that role, he ensured that the Treasury Division of Novartis was compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley controls and the requirements of US GAAP. At the beginning of his career, Armin Hausmann worked for major auditing firms in Switzerland and Brazil, on behalf of which he audited Swiss banks and multinational groups in his capacity as Lead Bank Auditor and Senior Manager.

Languages: German, English, Portuguese and French