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Alexander Studhalter

Chairman and Owner

Main focus areas: Corporate and real estate investments, private equity, national and international real estate development, corporate development and reorganisation, international corporate structuring and private-public partnerships. Thirty years of experience in the fields of private equity and real estate investment at the national and international levels, with a substantial investment portfolio in these areas. Leadership and project management for non-profit institutions.

Alexander Studhalter was born into a family of entrepreneurs in Lucerne, Switzerland. 
After completing his training in business administration and obtaining a degree in finance and accountancy, along with a Swiss Federal Professional Certificate, he began to build his fortune in post-Soviet Russia, specifically in the area of private equity. His entrepreneurial and international experience, solid network and continuous drive to create genuine added value in both the social and business sector led to today's Studhalter International Group, which operates in the areas of Private Equity, Real Estate and Multi-Client Family Office. 

Together with his wife, Aline Studhalter (deceased), he pooled all of his family's own investments in the Studhalter International Group and has invested in a diversified portfolio via its two sub-holdings, the "Swiss International Real Estate Portfolio", which focuses on real estate throughout Europe, and the "Swiss International Investment Portfolio", which invests in the areas of media, audiovisual and the international trade of goods. The Group is supervised and managed by its in-house Multi-Client Family Office. 

As a successful athlete, art lover and philanthropist, he has consistently participated in a large number of charitable projects.

Languages: German, English, French, Russian (basic)