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Multi Family Office Services

____ Long-term experience as a Multi-Family Office with international scope is our core competence. Our global business partners and clients benefit from our in-depth expertise in asset management, corporate taxes, succession planning and the management of dynamics within families. Our network of experts enables us to provide you with Multi-Client Family Office Services competently and according to your needs:

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  • Family Governance
  • Succession planning
  • Consulting on inheritance issues and the making of wills / trust deeds, including advance care directives
  • Execution of wills
  • Residence permits and visa / immigration and relocation services
  • International investment and private equity consulting and structuring
  • Finance and accounting according to international standard accounting practices (IFRS, US GAAP) and consolidation of worldwide assets and groups
  • Monthly and yearly financial reporting for companies and individuals
  • Assistance with choosing banks and asset managers
  • Human resources management
  • Assistance with choosing experts
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Corporate Finance

____Strategic growth as a premise. Profitable investment options while safeguarding your assets. We assist our business partners and clients in reaching and implementing their investment decisions. For today and the future. Our Corporate Finance Services at a glance:

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  • Coordination and implementation of transnational M&A projects
  • Consulting and support regarding IPOs
  • Assistance with joint ventures and cooperation agreements
  • Seeking and selecting appropriate enterprises for merger or acquisition
  • Evaluating and auditing companies
  • Acquisition structuring and project financing
  • Consulting, structuring and management of private equity and risk capital projects
  • Consulting on the purchase, sale and financing of assets and luxury properties
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Corporate and legal consulting

____ Take advantage of our international experience and our comprehensive know-how. We'll handle the corporate and legal consulting for you. In a swift and straightforward manner. Through our global network, we'll provide you with a customised solution:

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  • Establishment and administration of companies in Switzerland and abroad
  • Establishment and administration foundations, trusts and structures in Switzerland and abroad
  • Establishment of and support for non-profit foundations
  • Implementation of restructurings
  • Priorities: commercial and corporate law, intellectual property law (trademark law, design law and patent law), bankruptcy law, tenancy law, matrimonial law and the law of succession, as well as labour law
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Tax consulting and auditing

____ Tax optimisation by professionals. Sustainable and in accordance with tax legislation and the OECD Guidelines. Swiftly and on schedule. Our main focus areas are:

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  • Tax consulting and planning
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Tax returns
  • Tax rulings, tax relief and flat-rate taxation
  • Consulting on financial statements and profit optimisation from a tax perspective
  • VAT returns
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Property consulting and management

____ The long-term value retention and profitability of your property are close to our hearts. We advise you and manage your property carefully. Thanks to our decades of experience in the real estate industry as asset and portfolio managers, property managers, developers, buyers, sellers, brokers and marketers of our own properties, we know exactly what it's all about. You benefit from this.

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Our focus is on the following services:

  • Purchase and sale of residential property and investment property
  • due diligence
  • Project development
  • Accompanying construction projects
  • Management of properties for various uses
  • Initial letting and re-letting 
  • Management of condominium companies
  • Owner representation and asset management
  • Property strategy and investment planning
  • Facility management

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