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About us

We give our all.
With enthusiasm

and motivation,
since 1996.

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___In the 1970s, an independent, multi-client family office was established by the parents, Rudolf Studhalter and Albina Studhalter-Hilti. In 1996, the eldest son, Alexander Studhalter, assumed the role of Chairman of the Swiss International Advisory Group and has continued to do so successfully since then.


The person and his business are our focus. You as a business partner and client, along with your requirements, are important to us. Through our many years of experience, our global network and our in-depth know-how, we are able to offer comprehensive services. In complete confidence, on a long-term basis and from one source.



____A team. Enthusiastic, motivated and ready to take the next step with you.
Our combined expertise, which is international in scope, sets us apart. Our experienced experts, who are proficient in several languages, are here to meet your needs. In a straightforward, trustworthy and considerate manner.



____Are you specially talented, or would you like to surpass yourself? Then you've come to the right place. We look forward to receiving your application at



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